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Verdicts & Settlements: $7.73 million

Grand Total: $7,920,432,971.85

Koon Opinion & Use of Statistics
Via Chris Finney via Reptile Missouri Listserv

We should all look at the recent opinion in Koon v. Walden, ED104987. It has fantastic language to allow use of statistics. Great work we can all use from John Simon and Tim Cronin.

“The information was discussed in the context of how the opioid epidemic was well known: Dr. Genecin talked about how it was covered in the media, and Dr. Heaney talked specifically about SLU’s and its physicians’ awareness of the problem. Dr. Gunderson’s explanation of the epidemic gave further context to a physician’s decision to prescribe opioids in this environment. All of this evidence was probative of the critical issue for finding Defendants conduct to be negligent, which required a determination of how their conduct compared to what others in the profession were doing under similar circumstances.”

Click here for the KOON OPINION.